DCTPodcast Ep. 4- Subscribe and Comment!

Here it is! We continue this Journey talking about sports, music, movies, and our daily lives. We get wild at times, but hold on. This is just the beginning. Please share with friends, laugh, subscribe and comment on iTunes that helps the most! DON’T be that dick…


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DCTPodcast Ep.3-Girls Last Dance

Episode 3 is now out and ready to be listened to! Movie of the Week picks, Album of the Week, NFL Playoff recap, Nintendo Switch news, along with special guests Cecilia Tribuzio and Patrisia Correa

Follow them on Twitter: Patrisia  and Cecilia 


DCTPodcast Ep. 2!- Chicken Nugget

The second episode is here! We continue to talk about our daily lives, sports, and music. We discuss topics from weekly sports picks to Little People BIG world. Enjoy!

DCTPodcast Ep. 1-Beginning!

Hey! This is a podcast Created by Three guys; Dillon Kreiger, Drew Kreiger, and our Latino flair Robert Montañez. We Bring it to you weekly discussing our daily lives, sports, video games, and music.



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